Google Earth / Map Sites

This is simply a collection of sites within the Google Earth / Google Map database that look interesting from space. Most of them have some kind of ancient relationship - things that are simply old, that look interesting to us, that can best be seen from above.

Click on the thumbnail for a bigger view, or click on the link beside the picture to take you to the actual site via Google Maps.

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The UK

stonehenge.jpg (73986 bytes) Stonehenge avebury.jpg (85486 bytes) Avebury silbury_hill.jpg (53297 bytes) Silbury Hill glastonbury_tor.jpg (91783 bytes) Glastonbury Tor
west_kennet_long_barrow.jpg (112259 bytes) West Kennett Long Barrow uffington_white_horse.jpg (61010 bytes) Uffington White Horse long_man_of_wilmington.jpg (58966 bytes) Long Man of Wilmington

Cerne Abbas Giant.jpg (140221 bytes) Cerne Abbas Giant woodhenge.jpg (123386 bytes) Woodhenge castlerigg.jpg (126365 bytes) Castlerigg

maiden_castle.jpg (108672 bytes) Maiden Castle

The Middle East

giza_pyramids.jpg (131799 bytes) The Pyramids


hooverdam.jpg (273002 bytes) Hoover Dam

Central America

panamacanal.jpg (265276 bytes) Panama Canal