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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Coming up...two weeks

It almost seems unbelieveable that two weeks has gone by so quickly. But as of Tuesday morning, 'struth.

You really just have to get into the idea that there are no real advantages to smoking, and it's worth giving up. Problem is, there aren't a lot of advantages to a lot of things: drinking, staying up late, smoking, overwork, etc. Does this mean that, by extrapolation, I should be giving up all vices, because, really, they don't have any positive virtues in them? Goddess, I'd become such a boring person! Or a very virtuous, healthy, really-piss-everybody-off-at-the-pub kind of person.

Oh, gawd. I'm really wrestling with this one.

Do you give up your social life (especially if it involves people who mostly smoke, drink, are A-type driven people, etc.) or is there some way of making a cut-off so they don't depise you, and you don't become a recluse?


Smoking may, in fact, be only the tip of a rather large iceberg...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Definately a tricky subject. If you give up an evil, are you somehow obligated to give them all up?
I think more pressing is the issue of social life. Even now that more places are going non-smoking, how can you miss out on that inevitable smoke break? I myself have given serious thought to quitting, but aside from the physical hold, I feel it would almost... change who I am. I like the people I associate with now and most of the time that I see them is spent smoking. I always smoked half a pack a day, but somehow in the transition to university, this doubled to a pack a day. I didn't even realize it, as I brought 2 and a half cartons with me, and sure enough they were gone on day 20 after the move. I purchased another carton and am even trying rolling tobacco, but this is inevitable and I certainly don't have the money to continue, so I think the money may force me out of it. Good right? Government's plans are working? I don't agree, I still wish they'd just leave us alone, take off the 70% of cigarette prices that are made up of taxes.

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