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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Day Eight!

Yes! I've been smoke-free for an entire week. All things considered (and given the week I've had, or perhaps, because of it) it's been a relatively easy road. The first few days really were the worst, because you're trying to break, indeed stop cold, a multiple-times-a-day habit. The same thing would happen to anybody who tries to stop, say, drinking coffee (I know, because I had to do that for a month once, medical reasons) or anything similar.

Body health continues to improve. My lungs feel astoundingly clear (I can't believe how bad they were), and general energy and clarity of thought is so much better than before. Quite honestly, I feel ten years younger!

Second-hand cigarette smoke doesn't seem to bother me much, although cigars and cigarillos almost make me gag (but then again, I often felt that way even when I was a smoker.)

What's most interesting to me, though, is my attitude change. I really can see all around me (because I am so often, socially, surrounded by smokers) what smoking does to a person - makes them edgy, and really the cigs control the smoker, not the other 'way around. I know, they say there's nothing worse than a reformed smoker, and I'm beginning to sound like one. But seriously, all I had to do was cross the line back again to where I was before I started smoking, and I can see what I used to see, ten years ago - and now I don't want to go back there again.

Will this last? I certainly hope so, because if this attitude prevails, staying clean will be a cinch.

Heard an interesting tidbit about Alan Carr on the weekend (the guy who wrote one of the books I mention in this blog) - he started smoking again after he wrote the book! Smoking is truly insidious.



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