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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Day Two and Three

This is actually day three, but day two was a challenge.

Our friend, Stevi, passed away around 8:30 in the morning on Wednesday. Yesterday was taken up with making funeral arrangements and so forth. All around me were friends...smoking. But, somehow, I wasn't even in the mood, let alone tempted. Stevi had cancer. You do the math.

Smokers make up all kinds of excuses to not quit. "I'm too busy at work." "I'll quit starting next month." "Life is just too stressful right now." "I'll quit when a pack of smokes goes to $10" (remember when smokers said they'd quit when a pack went to $5?)

Fact is, there is never a "good" time to quit smoking. There will always be stresses, problems, situations. I picked Tuesday, September 6th. Why the day after Labour Day, in the middle of a week? Because, it was the first day of classes at Ryerson University, where I teach, and I figured it was as good a bookmark as any. And what happened on day two? The death of a friend. Many recent quitters would use that as the perfect excuse to light up again. I think I'm being tested here.'s it going so far? Daytime, absolutely no sweat (I almost never smoked during the day, anyway.) Evenings are another matter. If I'm drinking, I definitely get the urge to light up. This urge, they say, passes in about 3-5 minutes. And they're right. You just have to wait it out. Those in the process of quitting say this "waiting out" is agony. That's rubbish. Having your body poked with red hot irons is agony. Waiting a couple of minutes for the urge to pass to have a cig is nothing. Cutting down on drinking helps this problem, too. So, the health advantages just keep on increasing with all of this.



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