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Thursday, September 15, 2005

A Wrinkle...

Allen Carr's book is all about realising (English spelling, he's a Brit) that there are actually no advantages to smoking, you're poisoning yourself, and there are an immense number of advantages to quitting. I'm with him on this one, I really truly believe he's right. But there's one thing that neither he nor Mark Jordan have considered.

What if you want to get poisoned?

This is not as strange as it seems. You've been out all night drinking, and you just want to have a fag (cigarette, that is) because you are getting into the idea of being poisoned by alcohol, and so what's the difference if you have a ciggy, too? Now, I haven't finished Mr. Carr's book, but I don't think he addresses this, and I know Mark Jordan doesn't.

It's a sticky wicket, really. The assumption in both books is that you don't want to abuse your body. All well and good, especially when you're sober, but what if you're three sheets to the wind and you just want to tie one on? Wouldn't cigarette smoking tie (pardon the pun) into that as well?

Just curious...


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