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Saturday, September 10, 2005


Ask any yoga practioner what it's about, and they'll tell you it's more than just a series of somewhat contorted positions. (Actually, anybody who does yoga will tell you that they're not contortions at all, but really great stretching poses. But I digress...)

Anyway, it's not just poses, but also an incredible amount of controlled breathing exercises with those movements, too. As a smoker, I could never quite seem to control my breath as much as I'd liked to during my Friday evening sessions. Tonight, it was different - I could breathe to the counting 1-2-3, and be comfortable with that. For months, I'd been in yoga, and felt deep breathing and clarity at the end of the session. Then I'd go to the pub and smoke almost half a pack, negating any benefit I'd just received from my mellow and wonderful yoga session. Tonight of course was different. I still haven't felt like I've upset my breathing balance several hours later. No surprise there.

Just another benefit of butting out...



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