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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Four Weeks

Yes, for those of you who are's been four weeks, finally. According to Silkquit, I've saved about one day on my life, and about 350 cigarettes, and about $100. That's a lot of smokes.

Let's see...1 day a month in longevity, I'll probably live another 30 years anyway, that's about 360 days, which means I should live another year by not smoking. Hmm...that's not that much, and I wonder with what quality of life my 80th year will be, anyways. At least I won't be hacking my lungs 30 years. Quality of life becomes somewhat relevant...however, by that time, I will have not smoked 126,000 cigarettes. Gee, that seems rather significant. An eighth of a million ciggies...

Do I sense relativity here?



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