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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Week Six - New Found Energy

I had to look up what week it was, because I'm starting to lose track. This may be a good thing, since it doesn't really seem to matter to me anymore. Have I really quit this time? I think so!

Strange energetic things are happening with me lately. I have cut down on drinking as a side effect to stopping smoking - they so often went hand in hand. I'm getting more rest, and more really deep, rich calming sleep, too. In the mornings, I wake up refreshed and really ready to tackle the day, indeed, even take on more and more projects.

Where did all this energy come from? Honestly, I feel about ten years younger (I know, that's such a cliche, but it is the way I feel these days...)

I guess if they went on about this in the no smoking books, we wouldn't believe them. "Oh sure, you're just saying that to get me to quit. I've got lots of energy already [koff, koff]."

(Silkquit sez I've not smoked around 500 cigarettes by



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