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Saturday, November 05, 2005

True Confessions

On Friday night I went out with the gang and took the opportunity to unwind after almost two weeks of solid work without a break. A few Strongbows later, and ooo - my friend's cigarette looked tempting. "Can I have a drag?" What self-respecting smoker is going to say "no" to me? But gets better.

"Mind if I bum one?" I hope that you, dear reader, are not too horrified at the prospect. But the news is all good.

Ever since this began, from time to time I've had the little urge to have a smoke. I will even admit to having a drag now and again. But after two full months, along with a decent evening of libation, I woke up in the morning, not hungover, but ill. Ill, because after this length of time, my body is reacting to cigarettes the way it did before I was a regular smoker.

Fact is, I can barely finish one.

You would think that this would turn me off them permanently. But sometimes I want the buzz. And make no mistake, I definitely get a buzz! I suppose this isn't so different from people who smoke a joint, except that the effects are somewhat milder, short-lived, and, of course, legal.

So, this begs the question: is it possible to be a 'social smoker' in the sense of the term that one can have that truly rare cigarette and not fall back into old habits? actual numbers what does that definition mean? One a day? A couple a week?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like the unconscious voice in your head is getting to you.
I believe Mark Jordan warned of this very trick of the mind in Chapter 3: “I’ll only smoke when I’m out in the pub with my friends.”
As well, "even a few puffs a week is enough to increase carbon monoxide levels in your blood and affect various tissues in your body - there is no safe level of smoking."
Be strong, and don't let your mind create excuses.

9:37 PM  
Anonymous amanda said...

hi dana:
this is kelly and mark's friend, amanda. i wanted to let you know that after about a month of not smoking, and after bragging about it to you on friday, i caved and smoked at the pub.
good news is i hated it and have no plans to do it again. maybe i'm a little optimistic, but i really think i'm over it.
i just wanted to say thank you, because i really credit you with giving me that little push i needed to quit. do you even remember the conversation we had about smoking when we first met? i won't soon forget it.
be well,

9:48 PM  

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