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Friday, February 24, 2006

Silkquit Sez...

...that this process has been going on for over five months.

Over 2000 cigarettes not smoked.

Over $500 saved.

My life has been extended by one week.

More or less, that is. I'll be honest, I've probably bummed a total of a few packs of smokes over the last almost-half-year. Probably about one pack a month. Which is about a cigarette a day. Which is, if you're being absolute about all of this...not too good.

But, it is pretty good, when you consider the amount of time I've spent in smoking rooms in bars (June, 2006 is coming soon, when these rooms will be illegal.) I'm not beating myself up about this. I still have absolutely no desire to go back to smoking at any typical level. I only do it when I'm drinking. And then, frankly, only when I'm drunk...

The hard and fast ones among you reading this will say "Aha, that's a slippery slope there." Which is probably true, based on this being a willpower thing. Which, for me, it isn't. If it were a willpower to stop doing bad things to me, I would stop smoking, drinking (he said, taking another sip of red wine), and not really doing much of anything intoxicating. But, the truth is, I like to be intoxicated...once in a while. So be it. Sometimes, that's with alcohol. Sometimes, oxygen deprivation adds to that. Sometimes...not.

And that, dear friends, is where I think this will stay. For now, this blog will remain online, but go into a sort of stasis. From time to time, I'll post an update, but I'm happy where I am in this process for now, and it's not moving, one way or the other. I'm happy to be free from the bonds of smoking, the "Do I have any ciggies to go out tonight?" mentality, the "I'm bored, I want a smoke" subconscious naggy little voice. These things, for me, are gone - and I'm pleased to be rid of them!

If you're reading this because you googled the blog and are thinking of quitting - DO IT! Read the books I've mentioned in these entries - they will hopefully change your way of thinking to give up the ciggies. And if you do go on the quitting of luck to you. It's easy, it's fun, and if you change your way of thinking about cigarettes, what they are for you, and what they are not, you will never go back.

Cheers, and thanks for the 300+ visits so far to the blog. It was an important part of the process that I wrote how it's going, where I succeeded, where I failed, and what I've learned from it. Nothing like putting the Dear Diary online worldwide to help you stick to it.

Comment on any of these entries if you want to drop me a note anytime.

It's been a slice.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I googled my name "DanaLee" and guess what, came up with you! How funny.... I gave up smoking about 3.5 years ago awesome! But as I type I am on my 2nd. Heineken... Hahahahaha so much alike... But one big difference... I am female.

I'll be back to check up on you soon!

Peace & Happiness,

7:19 PM  

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