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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Resolve: That Sucks

Hello all,

It's been a very long time since I posted to "no smoking", so it's certainly time for an update.

I quit for four (4) months, during my last entry. Not bad, all things considering. But slowly, surely, I got back on the weed. Now, many people I talked to said that once you quit smoking, you double your smoking once you return. I'm happy to report that's not always true.

I was a half a pack a day smoker when I quit. I seem to be not very interested in cigarettes since I quit (and, sorry, started again.) I'm up to a half a pack a week, and when I'm busy (like last week) I only smoked a pack in an entire week. That ain't zero, and while I'm not happy with it I wanted to tell everybody that, if you slip, it's not all doom and gloom.

Resolve: for our readers in America, I imagine you can get this. It's a "natural" way to quit smoking. Ten lozenges a day, and it helps you quit. There's no nicotine in the lozenges, it's apparently "all natural." Well not natural enough. The Canadian government recommended on July 30, 2007 it get removed from the shelves because of the excessive amount of Cestemenol-350. I tried it for a week, before the Health Canada warning came out, and I have to admit, it had a weird affect on me: I "didn't care" whether I smoked or not. If not for the fact I couldn't get it anymore, I would have continued using it. It seemed to sort of work. But we'll see. Apparently, the Cestemenol has been shown to cause liver failure, so they took it off the market up here. Given the choice between my liver and quitting smoking...I'll take my liver, thank you very much.

So, yes, I'm back at it. A pack every few days. I'm looking for the "next great thing" that helps me in this quest. If you have any details, drop me a line.

Yours in (sort of) quitting,