Friday, January 24, 2003
Do you know your arse from your elbow?
Take the test: http://www.assotron.com/arse-or-elbow

Wednesday, January 22, 2003
From yesterday morning's Metro paper:

Agency offers all-nude flight

UNITED STATES Passengers aboard a May 3 chartered flight from Miami to Cancun, Mexico, dubbed "Naked-Air," will be free to drop their pants, shed their bras and underwear and move about the cabin au naturel. Castaways Travel, a Houston-area travel agency that spealizes in "clothing-optional trips," is offering what it bills as the world's first all-nude flight for $499 US, rount-trip. Reuters.

So, of course a quick search turned up: http://www.naked-air.com . Have a look.

When I read this on the subway, I had some thoughts:

1. What will the flight attendants be wearing?
2. I really hope they don't hit any turbulence while they're serving coffee and tea during the in-flight meal.
3. Come to think of it, what do you do if you drop something in your lap during the in-flight meal?
4. I can hear the PA announcement now: "During takeoff and landing, please ensure that your seat back and table tray - AND NOTHING ELSE - are in the full upright position."


So I run across this book of matches at my local pub the other night. The book has been sitting on my desk here at the apartment for about a week. Who the hell was this guy, and where is this "Slave Exchange"? First, I thought it was in Quebec - duh, there's no French on this matchbook cover, I shoulda known. Apparently, the place is in New Orleans (N'awlins). Okay, what was it doing on a pub table in Toronto? Curiouser and curiouser...

Sunday, January 19, 2003
We're only beginning week 3 (of 13) of the new semester at Ryerson and I feel swamped already. Not with the courses, they're actually motoring along fairly well. But how often we find that there's just not enough hours in the week to do everything we'd like to do! I want to work on the courses, watch movies and hang out with Kirstin, keep up with my small freelance projects, and do those little (and not so little) things that are bugging me about my apartment, not the least of which is cleaning up the joint. Today I just made a "household to do" list in my Palm, because if I don't do that, I get monkey mind about all the stuff I "should" be doing instead of watching, say, last week's Buffy episode. I just try to console myself: "It'll get done, really it will."

Tuesday, January 07, 2003
Finally got around to putting up the December webstats. It was a pretty quiet month, 784 visits, I've had almost that many in the first week of January alone. Interesting hot spots: this 'blog, students checking their marks, the DanaCam gallery archive, some pictures from the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury (Bush, Nelly Furtado, No Doubt, Ani DiFranco), and...17 hits looking for WiccanBarbie, and 34 hits looking for Barbie or Barbie parodies. Lotsa countries this month: Canada, US Commercial, France, Netherlands, US Educational, Mexico, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Sweden, Italy, Argentina, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Spain, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Dominican Republic, Switzerland, New Zealand, Chile, Singapore, Germany, Slovak Republic, Brazil. Ya gotta love the Internet...


Once More With FeelingBest CD purchase so far this year: The soundtrack from the "Once More With Feeling" episode of Buffy! (click on the picture on the left for a closer look at the cover.) You loved the episode, now get the full-length versions of the songs. I'd burned a CD from the show last year when it was aired, but it's really neat to have nice clean versions of everything without sound effects from the episode. They give you bonus tracks - 3 Christophe Beck tracks (from "Restless", "Hush" and "The Gift") and an interesting demo version of "Something To Sing About" where Joss and Joss' wife Kai Cole are doing the parts of James Marsters and SMG, respectively, accompanied only by an electric piano. There's a good set of liner notes (if a bit theatrical) featuring a blurb from Joss and, of course, all the lyrics. Best price I found was $16.99 at CD Replay (Yonge and Bloor for the Torontonians reading this.)

School's in session as of yesterday, so the blogging may slow down a little bit. I'll try be a little more active this semester, though. Only thirteen weeks to go until the end of the semester!


Thursday, January 02, 2003
I just came across a journal entry I made right around this time last year. It seems no less appropriate now, so here it is. Enjoy for what it's worth, and...hmm...think about it...

"I suppose it really is in the best interests of industry to make people believe that the only way to live is to take a 9-5 M-F kind of job. Because somehow we've convinced ourselves that we need so much when, in fact, we really need very little. I mean, I always felt that the upper middle class rat race was a little overstated in terms of necessity, but little did I realise that the whole desire structure is, in fact, deeply flawed. Go into any magazine store and you'll see what I mean. Fashion, makeup, home improvement, cigars, sex. There's even a journal called "Stuff"! Can you guess what it's about?

Many years ago, a pundit (whose name escapes me at the moment) proclaimed that, at the rate we were going in the post-industrial revolution, it wouldn't be long before we would be working a four-day work week, occupying ourselves for the other three days in the good life that such intense industry would surely bring.

It hasn't happened, has it? Of course not. Unless you're one of those "bohemian" types who've decided to buck the trends by not bothering to play the game to begin with. You vagabond, you. The lighter work week and the opportunity to sit at a cafe on a Thursday afternoon watching the world go by hasn't materialised for one very good reason. Imagine what would happen if we all were shown that we didn't have to work as hard or as long to achieve. In fact, what if it wasn't important to achieve at all, just live comfortably, within our means, and not be interested in competing or climbing any kind of professional or social ladder whatsoever? Why, we'd want more of that kind of life, wouldn't we? And the next thing we knew, we'd be realising that we could probably work for only three days a week and be fairly comfortable, too. Maybe even realise that our car didn't have to be replaced every five years...in fact, we may find we didn't need a car at all because, after all, now we're only commuting for less than half the former work week!

If this sounds impossible or even improbable, I can only take my particular situation into account as a living example. I am working, on average, three and a half days a week. That's been the case since I returned to Canada [in spring, 2001]. Because I'm willing to share the wealth and not knock myself out with work, I rarely commute with the daily rush of humanity on our beloved transit system. I haven't owned a car since 1996. I live in a bachelor apartment, with unassuming, although comfortable, even cosy furnishings.

Once again you may say to me (as you have no doubt said before) "That's fine for you, you're single and have no dependents. I have a wife (who also has to work to make ends meet) and two kids." But...how much do we really need to make those ends meet? Did you enjoy the just past Holiday rush of consuming as much as I didn't? I would have best preferred to avoid the whole thing completely, but tradition dictated that tokens of personal appreciation in the shape of small packages to be opened on the anniversary of the birth of an interesting man that lived some 2000 years ago be exchanged.

And if that last sentence sounds confusing, it should."

Happy New Year everyone!

I've filed all of the 2002 DanaLife blog entries in the archives now (the December postings are still on this page, for continuity's sake.) So if you want to read all of the nonsense since last April when I started the blog, just click on the link at the top of this page to head to the archives page. The December postings will leave the current blog entries in about another month.

Want to know the nutritional information in all of those great McDonald's meals? Click here and see just how many calories you're consuming when you eat a Big Mac Meal (answer: Big Mac - 574; medium fries - 354; medium Coke - 215. Total - 1143.) Did you know that the average person, if they did nothing more than sleep all day (don't we wish?) consumes about 1700 calories. So, here's a weight loss reduction scheme. Do nothing at all, each and every day, and eat one Big Mac meal. Lather, rinse, repeat. Hey, you'll lose weight in no time! (Note to anyone who actually just took that seriously - I'm kidding.) But don't add a McDonald's breakfast to the scenario, because that Egg McMuffin and hash browns will add another 444 calories to the equation. You like the "Big Breakfast" instead? It's 648 (!) calories. And, just to defend McD, they don't add flour to the milkshakes to make them thick, contrary to popular urban myth. Ingredients for what they call the "dairy mix": "Milk ingredients, sugar, modified milk ingredients, glucose, soy mono and diglycerides, guar gum, dextrose, artificial vanilla flavour, carrageenan, cellulose gum." Thought you should know why they feel so "filling".