Thursday, April 10, 2003
Which Barbie are you? Take the test by clicking on the picture. (Yes, I'm a Harley Barbie. Go figure...)

Tuesday, April 01, 2003
The March webstats are up. The usual foolishness abounds. Some interesting tidbits: about 1800 visits this month. The search engine highlights are as follows (hits, followed by the search words): 46 bush; 39 barbie; 20 candles; 12 nelly furtado; 11 danacam; 8 barbietwins; 7 roger waters; 6 nude flight attendants; 6 vampires; 4 barbie parodies; 4 haircut; 4 hash pipe; 4 love; 4 tom forsyth's barbies; 3 skyline; 2 barbie parodies pictures; 2 dana; 2 danacam engines; 2 entertainment; 2 hacking spotlife.

46 for bush - I guess there's a war on. The usual 39 for Barbie. Six vampires. I guess I should explain the six nude flight attendants. It's to do with a blog entry I made on January 22nd about NakedAir where I was musing about what the flight attendants would be wearing on the first all nude flight. I made it to page one of a google search with that little entry. Who knew?

Thirty interesting countries and places of surfing origin. Interesting note: the U.S. Military made number 22 on that hit list. Oops. I better watch what I say.