Monday, June 02, 2003
Well, I'm moved. And I have Internet access once again from the home computer. I've even tried my first messing around with a router - Kirstin and I both want to get on the Internet at once, and she wants to print to my printer, so I bought a cute l'il router for $45 from Staples. Cool! And you don't even need Access Manager to get on to Sympatico, there's a PPPoE thingmie built right into it. Fun stuff.

The May webstats are up. A slower month, only about 1500 visits. Lots of 'blog readers this month (159?! Advanced Standing students, I know who you are :-) ). Lots of Glastonbury surfs around the site, too, as the 'Fest is this month. Sadly, I won't be going, but I have lots of neat things going on in ol' T.O. this summer, so I won't really miss that. Those who are going - have fun, it's a total blast. A lot of people are coming by Dana's Wiccan page, but I'm not sure why (well over 100), maybe folks are just curious. A bit of a mix of search strings this month, click here to see them.

I'll be officially unemployed by mid-June after Convocation, so it will be back to the novel writing and sitting out in my nice backyard (or maybe on the back deck getting a tan [grin]) so look out for maybe some online updates from the book and Goddess knows what all else will come up this summer.