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Monday, July 21, 2003
In and out of heatwaves and thunderstorms. Ahh, summer. The novel writing goes well, but I'm just not into it this summer. I'd rather putter around the house and do neat things with wood and earth and electricity.

Found I was getting mind-numb from reading the morning subway Metro paper, which seems to be written for the mind of a 10-year-old (no offence to the 10-year-olds out there.) Then I realised I'd missed the stimulating writing of Saturday Globe and Mail, so I've started a new subscription which is conveniently dropped off at the door once a week first thing in the morning. Is this what living in a house is all about? It's been so long, I'd forgotten.

Caught a new picture of the week last night ("week" being a term I use very loosely), so have a wander by here... It's not mind-blowing but somehow my twisted sense of reality found it a curious sight.

Teaching updates: I've been asked to do even more courses, so I'm also teaching a section of 2nd year EFP in the winter, and also instructing Fashion students in their final year about television production.

Realised that I was very low in my protein intake because of all the working out, so I've started drinking this whey protein powder stuff that you buy in a big plastic jar. Actually, it's remarkably tasty, and I can feel the energy difference. Don't worry, no awful make-you-jumpy ephedrine or other nasties in this. No 'roid rage here, thank you very much!

Okay, gotta jet and go work out with my trainer. Have a great week, I'll write back when I can.


Thursday, July 03, 2003
Oooo, cool! You won't know this (unless you're a member of Blogger) but they've redesigned the user interface, and it's quite nice looking. Let's see how well it actually works...

The June webstats are up, but they're boring. Thankfully. People have better things to do during the summer months than surf, especially thru my domain. Having said that, there are still lots of 'blog readers this month (sorry I haven't been more verbose, though!) - 174 visits, and over 6 megs of reading material - whew. Most interesting search engine surfs this month: 19 for nakedair; 15 for nude flight attendants; 5 for barbietwins (a slow month); 4 for the corporation parody website (huh?); 2 for the danacam (okay okay I'm working on it); and 2 for deborah roffman lingerie barbie (apparently Deborah Roffman is a kid's sex educator...)

(Hey Sara, while I have your attention, thanks for updating my links on your blog...sorry I missed you when you were in O Canada...)

I've been doing lots of work on the house, and (along with Kirstin) designing some cool materials (logos website, promotional materials etc.) for a friend's new dance studio - there's only the splash page up now, but if you want to take lessons in salsa or ballroom dancing (or any other kind!) and you're in the Toronto area, drop Tammy a line - tell her I sent you.

Hey, here are some pictures from the moving days, back in the apartment. Just a few from the DanaCam, but thought you'd enjoy being the voyeur once again. Speaking of that, Sarah H. and Ali L. - I'll try and put up the 'cam sometime this summer, I've been too busy right now with other stuff to run the cable. Stay tuned, I'll do my best.

I printed all my novel pages from last summer because I'm still trying to get into the groove of what the characters were like and how they interacted with one another (it's been 10 months since I worked on this thing!) so maybe I'll read those this afternoon and then get back to writing on Friday or next week.

RTA people - I'm officially hired for next fall: 2nd year TV Tech Theory, a section of 2nd Year TV Lab, a part of 3rd Year TV Lab, some of Practicum, and when winter comes, Post Production Supervising Specialty. So if you're taking any of that stuff next year, I could be showing you the ropes. Stay tuned...

That's about it for this entry, but thought I'd drop you a quick jot so you know I'm still out here. I'll catch up l8tr...