Saturday, June 30, 2007

Malware Blues

I swear, the Internet's not really safe anymore, it seems. On an average day, I'll do a few google searches for information on benign things like SMPTE television standards, HDTV, and so on. The next time my adware filter is run (it runs once a day, automatically) it's found a whole batch of new nonsense (mostly cookies, but once in a while adware and malware.)

I guess it's sort of what the doctors have always told us about bowel movements - it's good to flush out your system at least once a day.

I've stopped worrying too much about visiting the 'wrong' sites, because I'd never get any work done otherwise. Problem is, when you're googling to find real information, you never know whether you're going to click over to a goldmine of decent technical information, or some ad-filled piece of crap that only has links to more ad-filled pages. My life is a researcher these days, so I've just had to stock up on anti-virus and malware tools and hope for the best. This stuff seems to catch the problems, and even IE7 and Mozilla seem to stem the flood of pop-ups. I haven't seen one of those in a long while, although these browsers send me a message like "This website is trying to close this tab. Do you want to close it?" Of course, I click "no" (*duhh...*) and then shut down the offending page. Beats the old days of continuously ALT-F4'ing until you got ahead of the stream...


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