Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Well, *That* Was A Mercury Retrograde I Won't Soon Forget...

The Practicum course handbook has blossomed (bulged?) from 53 to 107 pages. Er, the students said they wanted more guidance... :-) Seriously, I'm really pleased with the way it's turning out - the Human Dynamics handbook has a few changes, too. Today I have fun - design both of the covers.

Anyway, yes...what a retrograde. One night I saw several of my friends at my local pub, at total odds with one another - just amazing to watch. Talk about mis-communication. It all worked out well, but wow. It was almost like our world of immediacy and cellphones made the communications worse among all of them. Wild.

And...I lost my first major computer file during a retrograde. It was four day's work on the Handbook - gone, poof. I'd done a hard drive backup, but unfortunately that was accomplished just before I started work on the re-writes. Fortunately (perhaps because it was a re-write, a re-evaluation of what was in the book, re-vision, re-etc.) I managed to get a "file fixer" program from Corel's website that at least brought back the whole book just enough so I could save it in Notepad as plain text. I spent a couple of hours putting back in the headings and formatting, but that beats four days of re-write down the tubes.

I just sat here this morning, staring at the screen and simply said, "Hmm. Now, that's not good..." It was actually quite humourous...if you find that sort of thing funny.

If some of you reading this have no idea what I'm writing about, type "mercury retrograde" into a search engine and find out more...


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