Sunday, November 11, 2007

Cheap Political Ads

I've noticed lately that it seems everyone is doing the "clean background, slide some still photo of your most un-favourite politician around the screen and add some text that moves, too, then finally add a narration" kind of thing in their political spots. I see it on the telly all too frequently.

It's not what I would call the highest production value, any of it, but Goddess knows it's cheap to produce. It goes back to the

"Manny's Blowout Carpet Sale
This Weekend Only
Everything Must Go!"

commercial that's essentially a bunch of stills of Manny's place, an explosion animation and a screaming Everything Must Go graphic with narration and music. The lowest form of commercial, in my view. All of this appeals to the lowest common denominator mentality.

Ooo, I can be bitter when I've only had one cup of coffee on a Sunday morning, can't I?


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