Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Windows Vista - Bah!

Bought a new desktop PC box for the office on Friday. It comes, of course, with Windows Vista. What a pile of shit. MS has managed to take a perfectly good OS (XP), pretty it up with cutsey pop-up semi-transparent Windows, and then add so much security crap in it, it makes it almost impossible to use.

Oh yeah, they managed to hide really useful things like "add/remove programs" and "Programs" (you know, from the Start menu?) in curiously new places, too. In other words: take a well known layout, and f*ck with it because it would be a cool idea to do so, and we can. Let's not take useability into account, or anything sensible like that.

Latest fun: even though I have administrator rights, all file folders are "read only", right back to the C:\ drive itself. Trying to 'uncheck' the "read only" box, works, until you hit "apply" and close that setup Window. Opening it again, shows...surprise! We were only foolin' - your stuff is still "read only." Tee hee. So how, exactly, am I supposed to do any work? I was shocked that Vista pulled this stunt, but apparently, it's a well known 'security feature' on the forums. Everybody hates this. [Blogger's note: apparently, I found out later, that this checkbox doesn't really do anything anyway, so it doesn't matter where it's set...so why do they have it then???]

If you're more than a level 0 Windows/PC user, this OS will drive you nutz. You've been warned! >:(

Fortunately, you can "end run" most of this garbage if you know what you're doing. I'm managing to turn most of its "features" into XP-looking and -feeling equivalents. And I think I found the master "security switch" and shut that off, so I can actually do some work. Sheesh.

[Blogger's later note: Finally, one of my most important pieces of software, Streamulator, wouldn't run on this box, because the software developer actually expected Microsoft to be sensible about things and allow him to do basic things, like, oh, I don't know, make a directory, maybe? Jeremy wracked his brain over this one for weeks and only a couple of weeks ago (December) did he manage to crack the code. There's no reason they had to make it this difficult just to do work on the computer!]


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