Monday, December 24, 2007

Where Did All The Blog Postings Suddenly Come From?

Or maybe you hadn't noticed. But for those of you who have...nothing since April and then...blammo, a bunch in a row online as of Christmas morning.

Here's the deal. I've been nutzoid busy since May...yeah, since May, I'm serious. I haven't had an inclination, opportunity, or enough time to rub together to actually post things on the blog (which is RSS'd to Facebook, too.) However, all of this hadn't stopped me ranting to other people on email, of course.

So, what you're reading lately is some of my more lucid ramblings that I sent to others during that time. That's the why the dates span the year - they're actually accurate (Blogger lets you change the date to the time you wrote it, versus the time you posted it.)

Soon, it will be year-end clean up the blog time, but I'll probably leave most of this stuff up here for now.

It wasn't that busy a year, after all, was it?

Happy holidays and Happy New Year to all...


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