Saturday, January 05, 2008

It Really Is A New Year, Isn't It?

When the French ban smoking, you know the world is changing. When I first visited France in the late '70s, I thought all the French smoked - or so it seemed. By 1990, the percentage was down to about 45% - still almost half the population. Today, it's now 20% - about the same as Canada. That's still 12 million people in France, and several million in Canada. Where do we put these people? So-called "smoking rooms" have never really taken off in Canada - too expensive for establishments to install. So what next...out in the street?

Smoke n' GoI think there may be a growing market for "smoke cabins" like these. Although, it's rather like putting people in a pen, isn't it? But they have such nice names, like Smoke 'n Go Compact (2-3 person), Smoke 'n Go Mezzo (4-5 person), Smoke 'n Go Espace (6-7 person), and my personal favourite, the Smoke 'n Go Plaza (12-14 person). Why, it practically sounds like your own personal smoking mall!

I think this is a good year for me to butt out...


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