Sunday, November 23, 2008

Brave New World

With all the articles lately on people stealing iPods, I went through mine, and checked to see what was on it, besides tunes. Nothing really harmful, but there were a couple of 'silly' videos, really harmless stuff, but I decided to remove anything that could remotely be used or posted by anybody. It really is a new world, where we constantly have to be on the lookout. Yesterday's Globe and Mail had quite a few articles about our changing world in terms of our being 'public' wittingly, or unwittingly. Like the people who commit suicide live on a webcam. Or the emails now being read in court between a boyfriend and girlfriend, on the plot to kill her mom. When I started with my webcam, I didn't really worry about these things, because people weren't thinking of using any of my material in a malicious way, it was more of a novelty and an experiment. Same with all the websites I have online. It's become a very complicated world, vastly more so than when I was younger. I know, my parents probably said the same thing, but I do believe it's changing the Western sociology. I don't know what we've done to ourselves, exactly, but I'm not at all certain it's all for the good. People wonder why I didn't have kids, maybe I knew this was coming.

I wonder what Tim Berners Lee thinks about all of this?


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